Craft began in 2009 with Ben, working with Auckland Builders and high end residential companies. With 4 years experience of project managing, Ben formed Craft Construction Limited (Limited Liability Company). The goal was to work towards becoming a well-known brand of Auckland builders who held its values and promises throughout each project with success.

Original Logo

Craft Construction – NZ Certified Builders

Have always specialised in Renovations and villa restorations. This has given his team the up-skill and technical skills required to dominate the industry.
Ben has always ensured that his team are all rounders – friendly professionals, impressive quality craftmanship, wealth of knowledge & expertise, eager to share their passion of building. 


2019 Craft Construction

was re-branded and re-marketed with what reflects our building company & trade services relevant to the Auckland builders industry. The services of Craft Construction focus on Residential renovations and new homes while taking on only light commercial projects. We have changed our branding to reflect our family and family values. Our processes are updated to ensure our construction company is up to date. Leading the market with trend, building technology, you have confidence from architect design concept to project completion.





Who and what are we?
Craft Construction Group makes up all Craft Companies & Service in Auckland. We are excited to promote our design services which include: Architect, Engineer and Interior Design.

Services now available:

Design | Construction | Maintenance | Decorating | Plumbing & Electrical.

We’re an incredible group to be a part of, a brand which promotes value at all times. We provide a safe and confident space to educate each other, to acquire trade related experience, to display our expertise to the best of our abilities. The staff at Craft Group & Co, will always hold ourselves accountable for our behavior and actions on / off site. We are an elite building group and we work hard to complete your projects on time and beyond your expectations. Craft Group members behave like family and we look up to each other as we are unified and enjoy each others company.
Craft are not just any construction company – we are a true family, we renovate with respect, we build with passion. We relax with our clients after work where possible as getting the work completed until the last nail is in is priority! For Craft Group & Co and Craft Construction, affordability and time is of the essence, so we stay true to duration provided at the start and we stay within the budget. 



Craft Construction Group