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2019 Quality Home Builders in Auckland, Expansion & The Holdich family

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Home builders in Auckland

Craft Construction have Quality Licensed, Certified and this was Reconigsed with an invitation for Archi Pro.

Following this success, Ben’s Wife, Rhiannon, became an owner of Craft Construction Group. Before commencing a working relationship, it was time to rebrand Craft Construction and to then implement the Craft Group 10 Year Plan. The objection to re brand was to discover what Craft means and what values it will carry once it merges.


Ben chose to expand Craft Construction as he wanted reliable, consistent trades who would align their skill with Craft Brand. Bruce – highly experienced home builders, moved into project management and will hone in to our technical restricted building projects, it made sense to expand. Ben and Rhiannon implemented the start of their 10year plan as Craft showed reflection and representation of “them”. They have always avoided being a “standard issue” residential / commercial company. Ben & Rhi have made it theirs by taking the best of their relationship, personalities, lifestyles and values, applying it to their overall business and brand.


Ben and Rhiannon

When reflecting on who Ben is, we see – Relaxed, Focused, Respect, Kind, Someone who can teach, A Listener. We also see someone who very experienced and confident through his actions as a Director and well respected home builder. Ben oversees the builds and at times will be requested by clients as a home builders on major renovations. Ben is a very hands on dad and ensures they are involved awithin our builds and also get one on one quality time with him. When Ben is not on the tools he is a quiet chap who potters around the house finding things to fix or firing up the BBQ for an evening feast.

Rhiannon is an Aries with fire in the belly. A Mum of 2 who wear a billion hats. She is client and Community focused with family values referred to at all times. Rhi has a mother instinct around the group and enforces a unified culture. Her passion is Decor and everything colour. Rhi is also following in Bens footsteps to be a reputable quality builder as she progresses through her carpentry apprenticeship. Rhiannon is hands on with the marketing team, Accounting, Admin and conducts tagging and site safe audits.

By MILK Photography: Mia and Ari

Mia and Ari

Mia & Ari 4years old and 12weeks old, heavily involved in all things Craft. They are always at meetings with the staff, bossing the teams around and cooing at the admin girls. Craft Group was created factoring in time for them throughout the building programme which means we do not operate a week between builds. During the expand it was evident Mia had an eye for house building but mainly architectural drawings.
Together, the Holdich family work extremely hard to achieve perfect results for their clients. The family unit work together to get through your quotes and site visits.




Who and what are we?
Craft Group makes up all Craft Companies we have in service – Architectural Design | Engineering | Construction | Project Management

We’re an incredible group to be a part of, a brand which promotes value at all times. We provide a safe and confident space to educate each other, to acquire trade related experience, to display our expertise to the best of our abilities. As established Home builders in Auckland, the Craft Group will always hold ourselves accountable for our behavior and actions on / off site. We are a group work hard to complete your projects within budget and on time, beyond your expectations, whether it be tiny or major. You will find complete cohesion at Craft as team members behave like family, they look up to each other and remain unified as a team, enjoying each others company.
We are not just any company – we are a true family, we renovate with respect, we build homes with passion. We relax with our clients when the tools are down but we always do the mahi till the last nail is in! For Craft, affordability and time is of the essence, so we stay true to duration provided at the start and we stay within the budget. We will never be the cheapest and we never want to be either, but our rates reflect the quality you are guaranteed to see and the service you receive. At Craft, we don’t believe in doing the job twice, so we an immaculate job the first time! Ben & Rhi have really changed the process of how our craftsmen journey together from concept to completion to avoid running into issues, this prevents project delays and management issues along the way.

Being a full family group of companies we have a promise!
-Craft will always look after their local community with the best rates
-Always support their clients mentally, emotionally and with utmost respect.
-Give their 100% even if we are not awarded the job
-Value, Respect all Staff and Clients like family
-Provide the best workmanship
-Will provide their 10 points of quality
-Offer weekly tutorials to help you up skill during major works
-Give you with a shoulder, some guidance and mostly a lot of fun!


Craft Construction Group