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Our highly experienced team of professionals understands that building a new home or undertaking major renovations can be overwhelming. We want to make it easy. We deeply understand, too, the importance of minimising stress for your tenants and creating a positive, empowered, seamless experience for everyone. That’s why your best interests are our top priority.

The crucial first step in starting your process is ensuring that you engage a construction company that gives you total confidence. You should expect to see a proven track record of work completed in a realistic and timely manner delivered to the highest quality standards that meet regulations. 

And however enticing it may seem, cheap and fast doesn’t mean your build will be the safest or best. It can actually mean the opposite. At Craft, we’re dedicated to acing every build first time because re-doing and fixing work costs you time and money adding unnecessary stress. So at Craft, we keep all our pricing realistic and affordable. We partner with New Zealand’s leading suppliers and comprehensive trades teams that give you great deals and value for money. This means you get the best of everything including your build team here in Auckland.

At Craft, we have spent years perfecting the formula to ensuring happy clients and successful projects every time. Because your satisfaction matters most to us, we’ve implemented a rigorous client feedback system created by our builders and project management admin team. We also promise 100% transparency at every stage of your build, from our quote through to the completed project. You can be assured that you’ll be informed every step of the way with updates about arrival on site, cost breakdowns, supply deliveries, to tools down, and everything in between. 

Our promise to ensuring your project is a success:

1. Customer service

When you engage our Craft team to create your project, you’re not a client to us, you’re family. We’re in this together and we’ll encourage and support you at every stage of the journey. From the first moment we make contact, we’ll let you know our values up front, we’ll get excited with you and we’ll be there at the end toasting our success together.

We pride ourselves on having a team of professionals that get the job done while being approachable and friendly at all times. We stay calm and relaxed no matter what challenges arise. To make mornings even sweeter, our foreman Bruce will greet you every day with your coffee order, and we’re not even kidding!

We know your time and space is important; it’s important to us too. So we give you our word that we’ll start on the agreed day and always be on site on time. We are committed to giving our very best to every job and delivering work beyond your expectations. We’re the team you can trust.

2. Communication

We have perfected seamless, efficient, transparent communication that keeps you informed every step of your project. We respect your boundaries and ask you what level of communication you want and deliver to your needs. Your build should be a stress-free, enjoyable process and we make this happen. Every day our builders and trades relay key information that affects the build. We use advanced software Builderxtra so you can track daily progress. You can make changes from your device and our whole team will be notified. This keeps the process moving and on time. Plus one of our team members is on call ready to take your call 24/7 as part of our comprehensive services.

Rhiannon and Steph are your dedicated communications specialists. They’ll lead the liaison between you, Ben, Bruce, and your builders and trades. This ensures your build team can stay focussed on the job. Our comms dream team will keep the project schedule up-to-date, communicate any changes on site, and feedback any changes you want integrated. Rhi and Steph will send you each invoice quote for final approval before it is actioned. This ensures we limit any project delays. They will also meet with you weekly to discuss financial project management so you are always on top of how your build is tracking and can make informed decisions.

3. Experience & Quality

Collectively, our small team has more than 100 years experience. We meticulously hand-select every person in our team and the tradies we work with based on their specialist skills and compatibility within our tight knit team. We choose our builders for their exceptional craftsmanship, experience and knowledge. They also regularly upskill through attending Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) meetings and tool training. 

We know that having our team functioning effectively and efficiently together is crucial to your successful build. That’s why we prioritise it. Ben brings more than 13 years’ project management skills to every job, and under his leadership, our team achieves excellent results, guaranteed every time.

With our experience comes our dedication to producing outstanding quality work. Our team adheres to a daily checklist of tasks, and oversees each other’s work. Ben and Bruce do a walk through each day before tools down, and should any issues arise they jump on them notifying you immediately. Rest assured, at Craft, all of our work is insured. We provide a 10 year Halo guarantee along with personal workmanship insurance for your peace of mind. 

Life is about balance and we respect yours. We are not just about doing high quality work, we also pride ourselves in maintaining immaculate, safe work spaces, and tidy homes when we leave. Just because building can create dust and debris during the day doesn’t mean you have to live with it at night. We treat your home like our home because your comfort matters to us.

4. Comprehensive services 

At Craft, we’re your one stop shop for every trade. Our residential and commercial teams comprise the highest quality comprehensive trades. This includes plumbers, electricians, excavators, drain layers and more. Each trade brings certified industry standard qualifications or is a Licensed Building Practitioner of their trade. 

Our family values elevate everyone on site to deliver their very best. Just like every family, we come together to celebrate the wins, and we help our fellow tradies if they need encouragement and support – from new tools through to team BBQs and more. We have an open door policy, and when you join our Craft family, that’s what you’ll enjoy too. 

5. Accurate Pricing

Your money and security matters as much to us as it does to you. That’s why we have a duty of care not just to your build but to your pocket. When you are building or renovating your home, having clear, precise and accurate pricing is an absolute must. If your quote is not accurate, experience tells us you’ll run into some serious problems. When clients are motivated by the cheapest price, this is when things go wrong. 

At Craft, we listen to your needs and manage expectations with our transparent process. You can trust that we’re working for you so you can get the build you want. Following an initial consultation, our architect will provide you with preliminary draft plans, prior to submission to council for building consent. It’s at this stage, before it goes to council, that we price the build. 

We do it in this order when other builders don’t so you’re aware of all the costs you’ll need for your build and can make changes at the draft plan stage rather than after you have given your consent. As part of this process, we provide you with free consultations, quotes and estimates for any building works projected to cost under $70K, which we send to you within 72 hours of consultation so you can make your decisions quickly. 

If you’re doing a major renovation or build that is projected to exceed $70K, we connect you with our independent, reputable quantity surveyor (QS) who will price the entire project for you based on current industry costs. This will enable you to understand the true cost of your project before our labour and trades are added. 

This is the ideal time to make amendments before they are processed through council. This will be at cost to you, however it will give you complete transparency and assurance so you can make the best decisions for your requirements and know whether our team is the best fit to undertake your build.

6. Our Guarantee & Liability

With Craft Construction, you are guaranteed exceptional, professional builders who really are your build dream team. We are members of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association and we have exclusive access to the Halo Guarantee, which provides you with 10 years of cover following completion of the build. All of our builders have public liability and workmanship insurance.



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