Craft Group Design Team

Are you looking to build a new home or to renovate in some way?

Your in luck!

Led by our Our Director of Creative Services, our Design Teams  of Architecture and Engineering & Interior Design have come together forming our Design Services working collaboratively our Project Manager to Plan, Build & Style your home. Our Architect Team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise specifically in Villa / Heritage Restoration, Renovation and Residential New Builds. They have the ability to give you a modern yet timeless look and cater to your brief. Our Interiors are available to design your spaces, saving you the hassle. We like to spend quality time with you planning the special touched while the architects incorporate them into the plans and the builders add their touches to prevent delays.  Our Engineer team are on hand for any specifications they may need to include and assess the structural work along the way.

In addition, Ben and Rhiannon will work with you throughout the entire process and guide you using his building knowledge and experience. We’ll have ideas to offer to replace specific materials and advice on how to achieve the home you desire that sits within your budget.

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We have a wide range of concepts available for you to look

Plans and Process 

Design Services:

  • Concept Plans 
  • Construction Drawings 
  • Building Consent & Applications 
  • Resource Consent & Applications 
  • Contract Admin 
  • Site Observations
  • Structural Drawings 
  • Structural Inspections 
  • Sub Division & Plans 
  • Inspection reports
  • Leaky Home Investigations and Reports 


Benefits of Designing with Us

There are several benefits of coming to us at the design stage of your new home building project. Those benefits include:

  • You’ll get an architect who comes with a firm recommendation from our experienced team
  • We have a good working relationship with our architect which makes the process run more smoothly
  • Our advice can help keep the costs down while offering other ideas and suggestions you might want to incorporate
  • We are your advocate!! We are with you from the beginning , we will understand you and the plans before the project commences.
  • We are affordable and promp



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