23 May, 2020

Is now the right time to build your new home?

So, you’ve had the build of your dream home on the brain for a while now – but with COVID-19 hitting, you are probably wondering how this could impact your vision. To give you peace of mind, we’d like to take the time to update you on what we have planned and how we are handling the current situation we all find ourselves in.

At Craft Construction Group it’s all business as usual – teamed with some strategic changes

We are open for business and operating as normal. We have measures in place to protect our clients, staff and suppliers – whether that be meetings in person whilst practising social distancing, or communicating via phone or Skype. While the way we do business has seen some adjustments, we are still forging the way ahead with our current clients, taking on new ones, handing over completed projects and progressing with many pre-start consultations.

Our timelines and supply chains of materials remain uninterrupted. We’ve communicated with our suppliers and highlighted the potential for impacts – thankfully we have access to enough stock while we progress through any short term disruptions during the period.

Whilst we are aware that every business will face some form of impact – at Craft, we are in a fantastic position to pave the way to success and help you realise your dreams and make your new home a reality. We are a family business and every family we work with is important to us.

We are proud to be able to work as a team to keep the NZ economy going and come out on top and stronger than ever.

Craft Construction Group