Specialist Building Services

High End Quality Builders in Auckland

What makes us at Craft Construction Group stand out from the competition? We are a family orientated company who offer all specialist building services. 

Our specialist building services include:

Architectural Design services, Architectural Build services, comprehensive building solutions, villa restoration, renovation, and heritage restoration services, plus we offer standalone services.

This includes all types and size of residential building work, plus we are skilled civil contractors with experience of projects across Auckland.

Please contact us today on (021) 134 4014 to find out more.

Other Specialist Building Services We Offer at Craft Construction Group

Home and villa renovations and restorations:

We are very high quality Craftmen for any type and size home/villa. Our technical skill as LBP builders is what allows us to easily construct high-end renovations and restorations with exceptional craftsmanship. Our carefully team culture is tight knit which ensures nothing is missed throughout your project. We are able to provide a full service to your project or work on it in stages to suit your needs. 

New home builds:

Our comprehensive new build services will ensure you get the home you want, completed on-time and within budget. We work closely with QS and the architect to allow a smooth project managed by our Director. Our up to date software allows you to track the progress in real time and see the updates via our app. We have a wide variety in new build concepts available to browse through which will allow you to also personalize.

Additions, alterations, and extensions:

We have experienced team who are specialist in this sector including changing layouts, converting garages, building extensions, and more. Our team can be tailored to your needs and timelines of completion


Our re-cladding services will protect the structure of your property while also enhancing the appearance of your home.

Leaky home solutions:

If water is getting into your home where it shouldn’t be, you should get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Contact us immediately. For this service, we prioirtise our schedules, teams and time to ensure we solve your issues urgently to prevent further damage within your home.

Minor dwelling construction:

Our construction services are available for all sizes of projects, including minor dwellings such as granny flats, garages, and home offices. We have a great range of minor dwelling concepts available – text or email us for more information.

Deck construction:

We create stunning outdoor living spaces that include decks, patios, outside entertainment areas, pool areas, and more. We have a great portfolio using both steel and timber structures to build and renovate your space.


If you need to demolish a building on your property, we can help. We’ll knock it down before completely clearing the site of debris and rubbish. For all renovations and new builds to replace an existing home, we will use our demolition services to do so. 

Plumbing installation, repairs, and maintenance:

Justin at fixed price are all trained, experienced, and certified. They work on our building projects as well as on standalone plumbing projects. 

Electrical installation, repairs, and maintenance:

Whether you need electrical work as part of a wider building project, or electrical work on its own, we can help at Craft Construction.

Interior Design:

We offer FREE interior design for clients working with us in renovation and new homes projects. Full interior and exterior design available, e.g. paint systems and colour schemes.


Our plastering services include repairing damaged walls and ceilings, replacing plasterboards, gib stopping, and more.

Painting and decorating:

Our painting and decorating services are available on all building, plastering, and renovation projects, with quality workmanship guaranteed.

Code of compliance solutions:

Have you had building work completed recently but can’t get a code of compliance certificate? We can help. We are very selective in the project we take on and guarantee all work we do is to code. 

Excavation Specialists (Auckland)

Finding quality but affordable excavation staff is a challenge. We are fortunate to have Aaron who specializes. This includes everything from site clearance to drain laying to foundations and more. Aaron and his team are hard working and efficient, whilst providing you a laugh after work

Our team includes skilled excavation experts, drain layers and gas fitters plus Aaron has an excellent reputation in Auckland. Please call today on (021) 134 4014 to speak to a member of our team.

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